My Favorite Core Workout

Last week I put out a video on my Facebook page asking if anyone had any fitness or nutrition questions. I was pleased to see that many of you jumped on and commented with what questions you would like answered.

I plan to answer all these questions here and if you happen to think of others do not hesitant to comment below or personally email me at and I will be happy to answer them!

This is for you Cynthia Lara =)

What is your best ab workout?

Before we dig into what I think the best ab workout is, I want to make clear one thing first. ABS are definitely made in the kitchen. You can have the harderst abs this side of the Mississippi but if you’re body fat is high you will never see them… I know it is unfortunate but if it was easy everyone would have abs and then no one would want them 😉

Now if you wanted to get a stronger CORE and get better in your lifts because your core is jacked, then you will want to check this out.

It includes two exercises, the Ab Roll Out and Toes to Bar.

You will start a descending ladder of 10,9,8..1 of Ab Wheel Roll Outs and an ascending ladder of 1,2,3..10 of Toes to Bar.

Take note on the proper form of the Ab Roll Out as it is very easy to do wrong and not use your core at all.

IMG_6446  IMG_6448

As you can see above, your body should remain in a hollow position during the whole movement with your hips tucked under and your core engaged. It should never look like this:

IMG_6447 IMG_6449

Never arch your back just to get out further. Only go as far as your position allows. Doing it this way, will inevitable hurt your back.

Both of these movements are easily scalable with a swiss ball instead of an ab wheel and progressing to hanging knee raises instead of toes to bar.

Let me know how it goes =)

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