Specific Approach to Reach Your Goals

For the past 3 weeks, I have been working specifically with Laura twice a week to increase her upper strength and increase her speed. More specifically her main goal is to get 1 strict pull up. Laura is quite honestly one of those ideal clients. She shows up every time, is ready to work, and listens and implements what you tell her right away. It is every coaches dream!!

After assessing Laura, I knew right away that we had to hammer in a lot of scapular strength and stability work and isometric holds to get her to her ultimate goal. After only a couple weeks working on this, she is already so close to completing her first strict pull up!!

Here’s a look into what I have been incorporating in here training regimen:

I have broken up Laura’s pull up training cycle up into two days. On Tuesdays we work on scapular strength by incorporating DB external rotators and DB powell raises. We also work on supinated chin over bar holds and really focus on drawing those shoulder blades down and incorporating all the shoulder muscles in the exercise. We went from 5-10 seconds to 15-20 seconds this past Tuesday! On Thursdays we work on Negative pull ups and other upper body pressing and pulling movements. She has increased her negative pull ups from week 1 of going at a 6 count to last week being able to do a weighted negative pull up with a 10# DB strapped on for 8 count.



At the rate she is going I see her not only getting 1 strict pull up but multiples in just a few more short weeks.


Do you have a specific goal in mind? Whether its a gymnastic movement such as a strict pull up or a muscle up or looking to improve your barbell technique?

I currently have 2 openings for personal training to help you work to reach your specific goals. Stop wishing and start doing something about your goals if your current path isn’t working. All training can be done at Crossfit Central Burnet so we can play with all the toys =)



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