Healthy Shoulders = Happy Shoulders

How many times do you walk around with unhappy shoulders? How many hours do you sit in front of a computer with a rounded upper back and shoulders pinched forward?

These are valid questions you need to think about in regards to your shoulder health. Most of the injuries I have come across have been related to some shoulder injury or dysfunction. About 80% of those injuries can be avoided if the athlete would take the time to properly warm up and work on their mobility issues when they are not at the gym.

Those Pesky Wrists

Question: How to deal with wrist pain with HSPUs?

The wrist contains a total of 8 bones and 2 bones from the forearm, the ulna and radius. The wrist has so many small and intricate movements involved with it that it is no wonder people sometimes have pain in certain movements.

There are two ways we can tackle this problem. The first way is looking at the mobility of the wrist. The problem with HSPUs is that it puts the wrist at the end range position. Whereas, 80% of people spend most of their time in mid-range positions such as texting, typing on the keyboard, etc. So if you think about how much time you spend never at full range positions, we can see there is a gap missing.